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We study English language

Амиго: Give it is direct on the Internet, to learn English. In this theme only English

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stella brillante 20: So nice that we can improve our Engish language here on your page How are you doing, Amigo = Friend ?? Nice to meet you!

Амиго: No at all, Stella I'm fine. Thanks! And you? And meet you nice too!

stella brillante 20: Dear friend, my Spanish friend called "Amigo" it would be more correct to say : " Nice to meet you too" instead of "And meet you nice too!" but I am not a teacher, just will help you a little bit with your English right? I am always fine, it can't be differently waiting for your answer asap

Амиго: Hi dear Stella! Of course all right! Certanly! Thank you for your help, I need your lessons for english language! You are my teacher of English! Thank you very much! What mean "asap"? stella brillante 20 пишет: Dear friend, my Spanish friend called "Amigo" Thank you my dear Italian friend!

stella brillante 20: asap (cокращенно) - means " as soon as possible " - так скоро как возможно Example: (is used in a written form) - используется в правописании (деловых писем) "Waiting for your answer asap" = "Waiting for your answer as soon as possible" or Call me please asap

Амиго: Thanks!!!!!!!!! I don't know it, really. This is a new word fo my lexicon of english

stella brillante 20: Always happy to let you know something new!

Амиго: You are quite rig ht!

stella brillante 20: WHY am I quite right??? I AM ALWAYS RIGHT How did you spend your day yesterday? Was it really nice? Did you do something special?

Амиго: Certainly nice , even don't doubt at all! Thank you Stella, you always help me! Yes, We studied English yesterday. All was fine! It is a pity what not every day we are busy! But I will not ask more them persons to study an English language. Because the each person - should be force itself. Now I study this language independently one.

stella brillante 20m: Very nice English language! Can I only correct you few things? Амиго пишет: "But I will not ask (more) them MORE (persons) to study (an) English language. Because (the) each person - should (be) force (itself) HIMSELF. Now I study this language independently (one) alone." So, I would write the same phrase in this way: I will not ask them more to study English language. Because every person should to force himself (It would be better to say: Every person should be interested by himself in this subject) Now I study this language independently alone (OR it's possible to say: Now I study this language by myself)

stella brillante 20m: "Certainly nice , even don't doubt at all" - even don't doubt it! Actually, I don't doubt about it! I really belive you spent a great time with you son yesterday!! I wish you only the best and I really want that all your wishes will come true!

Амиго: Thank you Stella for your remarks! I will be corrected . With the son have spent time perfectly , photos I will lay out later , went for a drive on the ship down the river .

Rocknroller: I've been working with some English/American forums, GNR Chinese Democracy could be most active by now. So whatever I'm sayin', let's move it on and see what happens.

stella brillante 20m: "With the son have spent time perfectly , photos I will lay out later , went for a drive on the ship down the river" I spent a great time with my son yesterday, we went on the boat down the river I will put our photos here later. Извини, что поправляю, иногда постановка фразы не совсем правильная, а так ты большой молодец и хорошо выражаешь мысли по-английски! Главное не сдавайся, если хочешь выучить англ. яз хорошо - ты это сделаешь, у тебя есть все предпосылки к изучению языков. И совсем не надо думать, что я тебе льщу - I am not flattering with you, I just want you speak English very good As much as I know I will help you with it!

stella brillante 20m: @ Rockenroller: Personally me, I am not interested about this kind of site "GNR Chinese Democracy" only because I don't treat China very well! Sorry I'm not gonna participate on this site.

Rocknroller: Oh dear, you really souldn't! Chinese people could be very wise. And by the way, Chinese Democracy is much more about Rock'N'Roll music here than Peking opera

stella brillante 20: Wise Chinese people, may be you're right! I don't like them because of the products they do that ruin peoples' health, now everywhere is only "made in Chine" and they rise their economy on it I saw them much, in Milan exist Chinese district (full of shops, restaurants, hairdressers there, ect ...) and Italians are wonrered 'cause nodody from Chinese people never die, they even don't have their cemery there it seems that they use the same documents after dead people for other ones, their illegal parents But, it's only my OPINION and has nothing to do with you "Chinese Democracy is much more about Rock'N'Roll music here than Peking opera" - YOU'RE RIGHT!! We have to remember that dear OWNER of this site is Mr. Amigo and should make a decission ********* By the way, you are from Latvia nice to meet you, I am your neighbour, I am from Tallinn

Rocknroller: Real nice, let's believe we meet someday. Notice, I dropped you a PM.


stella brillante 20: Thanx for this AWFUL video! Amigo will be chocked when he is back !! (Sorry, for saying you like that, but I really don't like when people kill anymals or to watch them suffering ) Fuck Chine with all Chineses !!!! ********************** "let's believe we meet someday" - welcome to Tallinn!

stella brillante 20:

Rocknroller: Stella, are you a vegetarian? Tryin' to sell a bike?

stella brillante 20: Unfortunately, I am not a vegetarian and I am full of vices !!!!! "Tryin' to sell a bike" - of course NOT! If I had a bike I would sell it only to you !!

stella brillante 20:

stella brillante 20: Сообщение отредактировал Амиго P.S. От Амиго: Поправил твою видео ссылку, посмотри через правку, как правильно должна отображаться ссылка

Амиго: Stella, and now all right? Is it all? Are you understand about video from youtube?

stella brillante 20: Thank you very much to you, YOU ARE A REL FRIEND !!! I think I use you-tube in a right way, I copy and paste the necessary video (copied link) in a special window here. But, the problem is that sometimes it remaines as a copied link and a video itself It's OK i will try again and again ......

stella brillante 20: "Are you understand about video from youtube?" - IS NOT CORRECT! You should ask : Do you understand about video from youtube? (the short answer) - Yes, I do. (перед обычным вопросом ставь постоянно вспомогательный глагол "DO " и к третьему лицу she, he, it - вспомогательный глагол "Does" Does she (he) understand about video from youtube? - Yes, she (he) does. No, she (he) does not. (No, she/he doesn't)

Rocknroller: A REL FRIEND is not correct, you spell it REAL FRIEND, a true friend rather

stella brillante 20: Оh, Yeah! good, you're right Mr. Roller!!! Thanks a lot for your remarks, I am also able to make some mistakes Just correct me when I am wrong! (it was just a mistake of fast writing )

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