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Unit 1, Friendship works wonders

Амиго: We invite you to an international Congress in Moscow. The theme of the congress is "Civilization and Spiritual Evolution". Scientists from every continent are coming to the congress, from Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia and Africa. (At the airport). Announcement: Attention please! Participants of the UNESCO group are requested to go to exit 3.

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Oksana: Cora Grant Excuse me, Are you Mr Russell Brundon, the sociologist from London?

Амиго: Russell Brundon Yes, I am

Oksana: Cora Grant Let me introduce myself. I'm a representative of the Organizing Commitee. My name is Cora Grant.

Амиго: Russell Brundon (seeing her wedding-ring ) How do you do, Mrs Grant

Oksana: Cora Grant How do you do, Mr Brundon. Glad to meet you. You're Head of the UNESCO group, aren't you?

Амиго: Russell Brundon Yes, that's right . The group is waiting for you over there

Oksana: Cora Grant How was the flight?

Амиго: Russell Brundon Everything was wonderful

Oksana: Rassell Brundon And the weather's fine today, isn't it? Cora Grant Oh, yes. It's a lovely day!

Амиго: Oksana пишет: Rassell Brundon And the weather's fine today, isn't it? Yes, Oksana! +10000000000000! Oh, awfully sorry. It's my fault. I've made a mistake. Do forgive me.

Амиго: Russell Brundon it's my third time here. I'm very Lucky, to be in this country again . Ah, here we are

JH: So, what's over?

Амиго: JH пишет: So, what's over? We learn how correctly to write here from the textbook of Ignatova

JH: In the same communication teaching.

Амиго: JH пишет: In the same communication teaching. Do you have "English for communication (Ignatova)"?

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