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Unit 1, Friendship works wonders

Амиго: We invite you to an international Congress in Moscow. The theme of the congress is "Civilization and Spiritual Evolution". Scientists from every continent are coming to the congress, from Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia and Africa. (At the airport). Announcement: Attention please! Participants of the UNESCO group are requested to go to exit 3.

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Амиго: Cora Grant Pleased to meet you all. This is my card. Here's my address and my telephone number, just in case.

stella brillante 20: All That's very kind of you.

Амиго: Russell Brundon A few words about the Congress. The schedule is very busy: sessions, meetings, conferences, discussions, round-table talks, interviews, exhibitions and a large social programme.

stella brillante 20: Cora Grant What would you like to see in Moscow?

Амиго: Maurice Morgan I'd like to see art galleries, museums, theatres, monuments, cathedrals and new residential areas.

stella brillante 20: Cora Grant If you wish to visit research institutes, plants, factories, libraries, clinics and different businesses you should check the programme tomorrow morning.

Амиго: All: Fine!

stella brillante 20: Mona Doan Where's my camera? I can't find it.

Амиго: Steve McQueen Whose camera is this?

stella brillante 20: Very nice you're cunning one! I was just curious how will you get out from this situation, you copied the same picture that's all! Good cunning boy! Хитрый ты! вот я подумала как ты выйдешь из этой ситуации, а ты просто скопировал мой фотоаппарат и всё! Хороший хитрый мальчик *********** Mona Doan Oh, it's mine. How absent-minded I am!

Амиго: Russell Brundon Ah, here's our luggage!

stella brillante 20: ha-ha-ha!! it's very funny! Cora Grant Would you, please, count your pieces of luggage?

Амиго: Russell Brundon ... eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two,...

stella brillante 20: Cora Grant Bags, suitcases, parcels, boxes - thirty pieces in all.

Амиго: Russell Brundon Come along! And off we go!

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