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Unit 1, Friendship works wonders

Амиго: We invite you to an international Congress in Moscow. The theme of the congress is "Civilization and Spiritual Evolution". Scientists from every continent are coming to the congress, from Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia and Africa. (At the airport). Announcement: Attention please! Participants of the UNESCO group are requested to go to exit 3.

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Амиго: Stella you are wonder !

Амиго: Steve McQueen I am biologist

stella brillante 20: Russell Brundon Steve is a very wise man, a philosopher. ****************************** He is a philosopher like Voltair from the philosophe's club

Амиго: Steve McQueen Thank you for the compliment!

stella brillante 20: Russell Brundon It's not a compliment. I mean it. Dulcie Dutchman, a designer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. From Amsterdam!! Her motto is "Beauty is power". xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The motto - лозунг, девиз

JH: stella brillante 20 пишет: From Amsterdam!! wow!

Амиго: Bernard Berg MR. Maurise Morgan, a historian by education, an artist by nature

stella brillante 20: Do you like Amsterdam? The view of Amsterdam on this pic. is very beautiful! But you know that there's also exist a Red Lights District with girls standing in the door-windows for men who want to pick them up! In Amstterdam is also permitted to sell drugs in night pubs (night clubs) but only established by law small amount of drug, may be only for fun --------------------------- To pick up - поднимать, подбирать в разговорном языке - это означает также "снять женщину" - Ex: This night I want to pick up a woman! -------------------------- Just a bit informartion for you a part of lessons ...

stella brillante 20: Maurice Morgan Painting is my hobby. I'm just a beginner, you know. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx My favourite colours are:

Амиго: Nora North A good beginning is half the battle

stella brillante 20: Russell Brundon Excuse me, what nationality are you? ******************* it's a funny joke:

Амиго: Maurice Morgan Well, My mother is French My father is American

stella brillante 20: Bernard Berg Très bien, Monsieur Morgan, alors Vous parlez francais aussi bien comme la langue anglais? Je suis contant de Vous connaitre!!! Mais je ne parle pas bien la langue francais c'est pourquoi je préfére parler anglais avec Vous! I bet your wife is British!?

Амиго: Maurice Morgan No, i'm not married yet

stella brillante 20: Mona Doan What country are you from?

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