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Unit 1, Friendship works wonders

Амиго: We invite you to an international Congress in Moscow. The theme of the congress is "Civilization and Spiritual Evolution". Scientists from every continent are coming to the congress, from Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia and Africa. (At the airport). Announcement: Attention please! Participants of the UNESCO group are requested to go to exit 3.

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stella brillante 20: Oh! your pic. you put here about secret is so funny! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tony Dakota I say Miss Pearl is a very attractive girl.

Амиго: Wesley West She is very hardworking and creative

stella brillante 20: Cora Grant Where's Mr Clarke? Anything wrong with his papers?

Амиго: Bernard Berg I believe, everything is all right

stella brillante 20: Russell Brundon Ah, here he is!

Амиго: Arthur Clarke I'm sorry, I'm late Have a Look please, This is my passport. These are my money. These are my documents

stella brillante 20: Cora Grant Oh, don't worry. Your name is well-known in this country.

Амиго: Arthur Clarke That's what they said at the Customs. I'm afraid you are mistaking me for someone else.

stella brillante 20: Cora Grant Why! You're the great science fiction writer, Arthur Clarke.

Амиго: Stella nice! Arthur Clarke I'm sorry, to disappoint you Yes, i'm Arthur Clarke, that's right But the great writer's name is Arthur Charles Clarke My full name is Arthur Darcy Clarke So, our Christian names & surnames are the same But so our second names are different

stella brillante 20: Cora Grant I'm terribly sorry, Mr Clarke. I didn't know.

Амиго: Russell Brundon What do you do, Mr. Clarke?

stella brillante 20: Arthur Clarke Oh, I deal with a lot of people: men and women of different occupations - factory and farm workers, soldiers and employees, businessmen and housewives. What do you think I am?

Амиго: Cora Grant I'd say you're a psychiatrist, maybe a surgeon, a physician. In short, a doctor.

stella brillante 20: Arthur Clarke You're right. I'm a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Bath Health Centre, Great Britain. I specialize in psychology.

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