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Unit 5, An interesting Personality

Kawardin: Mona Doan When did you first Helen?

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Амиго: Bernard Berg It was many years ago in London. I was a post-graduate student then. And she came there to give a course of lectures on Russian literature. It seems to me i've known her for ages.

Kawardin: Steve McQueen Has she been abroad since then?

Амиго: Bernard Berg Yes, many times. She is translated and edited some very interesting books.

Kawardin: Nora North And where is her husband?

Амиго: Bernard Berg She is a widow

Kawardin: Nora North Oh, I'm sorry.

Амиго: Steve McQueen She doesn't look her age, does she?

Kawardin: Nora North How old is she?

Амиго: Bernard Berg I never ask women about their age. A woman is as old as she looks.

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