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Unit 10, We are Parting the Best of Friends

Амиго: Unit 10 http://soraman.livejournal.com/66116.html Bernard Berg What's the news?

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Амиго: Tony Dakota It's a pity we have to leave and to part. (At the farewell party)

Stella brillante: Cora Grant Make yourselves at home. Help yourselves, please.

Амиго: Bernard Berg Goodness me, how time flies!

sigma: Maurice Morgan Have you booked your tickets yet?

Амиго: Cora Grand I've resivde seats on the plane leaving for New York at 6.15, Flight TU 538.

sigma: Bernard Berg So, you're leaving the day after tomorrow.

Амиго: Tony Dakota I'm having a very important appointment at the Embassy tomorrow morning

sigma: Kate Pagan I wouldn't mind having a return ticket.

Амиго: Win Lynn You'll soon forget everything. As they say out of sight, out of mind.

Офтальмолог: Steve McQeen Cheer up! That's life!

Амиго: Bernard Berg It's been nice knowing each other, and we are parting the best of friends

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